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I like how all of these 11-17 year olds are just going to school with vampires and werewolves and giant spiders and vicious three-headed dogs in their backyard, yet they need a permission slip with an iron-clad parent/guardian signature to go have a harmless butterbeer at the nearby wizarding village. 

Okay, Hogwarts. Okay.


HP Goblet of Fire Headcanon: Beauxbatons was primarily a Muslim wizarding school.

(photo from livesandliesofwizards, which was the first thing I thought of when I ran into this passage while rereading the Harry Potter books)

(and yes I know the horses drink whisky, which is not exactly halal, sshhh)

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OK, while I was rereading some of PS, I came across this. "Dumbledore became very interested in a bird out on the windowsill, which gave Harry time to dry his eyes on the sheet." This scene happened right after Dumbledore explained to Harry that he was protected because of Lily's sacrifice. And since Harry was drying his eyes we can conclude that he was crying. HARRY CRIED WHEN HE FOUND OUT HOW LILY SAVED HIM. DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU HARRY DIDN'T LOVE HIS MOTHER OR MISS HER. DON'T.


this was horrible.

What’s worse is that I just combed through all seven books and compiled every instance I could find of Harry missing/loving his mum.

You know, for science (and tears).

This is the worst post I have ever made.

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Oh so Snape can obsess over Lily for 7000 years. But when Harry feels justifiably angry at being left out of the loop by his own friends, being physically tortured by a professor and distrusted by a beloved mentor, along with the constant feeling of loneliness after losing the people he loves, OH NOW THAT’S A NO NO HE’S JUST A WHINY LITTLE SHIT HE NEEDS TO MAN UP.


i actually don’t know why it’s so popular in fanon that seeing james in the library was a miracle and completely unheard of

i mean he spent three years trying to accomplish some very dangerous and complex magic to help out a friend and succeeded when he was fifteen that sounds like it would warrant a trip or two to the library



I’ve had a crazy thought.

If I remember correctly, one of the things in Dudley’s spare bedroom was a TV he broke when his favorite television show was cancelled.

It’s been established that Harry Potter took place in the nineties, and he got Dudley’s second room in the summer of ‘91, so Dudley would have to have broken it some time before then. Here’s my crazy thought:

What if Dudley threw a massive TV-smashing tantrum because Doctor Who was cancelled?

Sure, odds are that Mr. and Mrs. Dursley wouldn’t hold with that kind of programming, but all the kids at school would talk about it so Dudley started watching it just because, and he would throw fits if he couldn’t see it. So to keep him calm and happy and prevent property destruction Mr. and Mrs. Dursley put up with 20-45 minutes of scifi nonsense each week (and made sure Harry was locked in his cupboard the whole time so he wouldn’t get ideas).

And when it was cancelled in 1989, Dudley went berserk and kicked in the TV.

(This theory may or may not be born from the fact that Harry Melling is Patrick Troughton’s grandson. This makes the whole thing too perfect to not be automatically canon.)

What do you all think?

I think that’s what happened!


like there’s nothing inherently wrong with headcanoning harry or remus or whoever as gay. but i am deeply suspicious of people who do this and then ship them with draco and sirius respectively, and exclusively.

why? because almost every time, this involves not putting in any effort to invest in ginny and tonks’ characters, yet making every effort to explore draco - a racist bully - or even the marauders, who play second fiddle (in terms of the time spent exploring their youth) to the main story, which more heavily involves luna, tonks, ginny, neville, mcgonagall and the other teachers, etc etc.

i’m just …  really, really sick of this trend whereby people will point blank refuse to invest in female characters, elderly characters, canon character of colour (such as kingsley shacklebolt, lavender, dean, and the patil sisters), yet make every effort known to explore characters in canon who are often unlikeable or even just don’t have an enormous amount of material to work with who just so happen to be white men.

obviously harry, remus, sirius, draco & co are very important characters to the narrative, so understandably people relate to and like them for various reasons, yet equally as important are ginny and tonks, whose fanbases are much smaller, and whose output of fanworks is much smaller. i see dozens of posts in a couple of weeks about remus and sirius’ great love, yet maybe one a month about anything to do with tonks. 

true, remus’ and sirius’ past may be more tragic and compelling than tonks’, and one could argue the same for draco. yet isn’t tonks’ present just as compelling? a young woman fighting in a war, falling in love with an older man, becoming involved in plots with famous wizarding figures like harry potter and albus dumbledore - that’s the stuff of a 100k fanfic! yet, there are only 1324 works on ao3 tagged ‘nymphadora tonks’, compared to 8414 works tagged ‘remus lupin’. hmm.

it’s a similar situation for ginny. sorting by kudos for ginny/harry fics, i found one fic on the first page that was actually about them as a pairing, not as a past pairing, not in some sort of orgy or threesome, not as the beta pairing. most of the fics tagged ginny/harry were actually about draco/harry. funny how that works. there were also 2046 fics tagged ‘harry potter/ginny weasley’ compared to a staggering 9515 fics tagged ‘draco malfoy/harry potter’.

but it’s not only the disinterest in exploring characters outside the two most popular slash pairings of the fandom that really gets me riled up. it’s the blatant attempts to discredit these characters and label them as abusers and bad people that does that. i’ve read thousands of words worth of meta describing tonks as a dark manipulator, who guilts remus into marrying her in a moment of vulnerability - rather than, you know, a young woman who was suffering greatly herself in attempting to fight a war and find a way to convince the man she loves that he’s worthy of her. again, the same situation arises with ginny. a metric shitton of meta about what an evil temptress she is to harry - how dare she kiss him goodbye when he’s about to leave for what may be his death! how dare she have multiple boyfriends before harry! how dare she have a childhood crush on him! she must be a stalker! it’s garbage, and i see blogger i honestly respect fall into this gross mischaracterization all the time.

i’ve mainly focused on tonks and ginny with this meta because they are the love interests so often relegated to cardboard cutouts in fanworks designed to explore slash pairings. but as i mentioned earlier, similar treatment can be found with other secondary characters, in a subtler yet still harmful way. remus, draco and sirius are all secondary characters - harry, of course, is the main. yet the former receive a great deal of attention from fandom compared to other, similar secondary characters, such as hogwarts students padma and pavarti, dean, seamus, lavender, jordan, angelina, and even luna, a fan favourite; as well as other members of the order and teachers at hogwarts: mcgonagall, kingsley, flitwick, hagrid, etc etc. most of these characters have something in common - they are not white men. the exceptions are seamus, whose potential slash partner dean is black, (this pairing has a tiny 186 fics on ao3), hagrid, who is not conventionally attractive and in universe carries the stigma of being part-giant, and flitwick, again carrying the in universe stigma of being part-goblin (whose appearance is likened to that of people with dwarfism). all of these characters carry a similar standing within the books as secondary or beta characters - admittedly, some with more coverage than others - but all of a similar enough degree of description and ‘screentime’ to be invested in. almost every one is relegated to the background in fanworks.

i know i’m biased towards my faves - tonks and ginny. nevertheless, i don’t believe i’m wrong in saying this fandom has a much deeper bias in favour of white men, in particular of interpreting them strictly as cis, gay, and maintaining their assumed whiteness. to be perfectly honest, i’m tired of it. bring on bisexual ginny! nonbinary luna! mixed race hagrid! queer dean thomas and his openly pansexual bf seamus! aro ace mcgonagall! anything to break up the monotony of gay white cis man after gay white cis man, which, while they may not plague your dashes, certainly plague mine. magicqueers was a good start. but it’s only the beginning.

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What do you think Snape would say to Harry after he found out that Harry had named his son after him?


"I have no interest in sharing my name with a Potter. 10 points from Gryffindor.”



Neville as eventual headmaster is very important to me though.

Neville, who thanks to his enduring friendship with Luna sees the vital importance of fostering interhouse relationships, downplays the rivalries between the houses without lessening the importance of intrahouse unity by pushing the Quidditch Cup and House Cup as more friendly competition than all-consuming-must-be-won-enimity and introducing other means of emphasising house pride for those students who are not athletically or academically talented to the point where they feel as though they’re making an important contribution to their house.

Neville, who has so much goodness and kindness in him, having a zero tolerance policy for bullying, by staff or students, and serious punishments set down in official school policy for anyone caught bullying or intimidating a student for any reason.

Neville, who saw first hand just how vital it is, throwing the Ministry-approved DADA curriculum out the window and working with the DADA teacher to build a useful curriculum based on his two most useful years of DADA classes, those being third, under Lupin, and fifth, under Harry.

Neville, who understands how hard it is not to be One Of Those Kids, ruthlessly digging out any elitest groups like the Slug Club and disbanding them.

Neville, who understands that sometimes the teachers don’t choose as wisely as they ought, introducing a democratic system for prefect and Head Boy/Girl selection.

Neville, who knows what it is to be the bottom of the class, making a point of introducing a voluntary tutoring system for students who are in the same position he once found himself in - and making certain that it’s well known that had such a system been in place when he was at Hogwarts, he would certainly have availed of it.

Neville, who is a hero and a marvel and wonderful, brave man, fostering that same bravery and goodness in every one of his students, fighting to help them become the absolute best people they can be regardless of academic talent or world-saving ability.

Neville, who is everything that Albus Dumbledore was not, setting to rights so much of the wrong Dumbledore allowed and sometimes encouraged in Hogwarts.


okay so if harry potter was born in 1980, and went to hogwarts in like 91, that means he was in his sixth year in 1996
do you think he knew about the spice girls? i mean.. i know he had shit going on with horcruxes that year but wannabe isn’t something that happens without you taking note of it




someone tries to send the entire script of bee movie as a howler