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Vivenna is pretty arrogant but more in a sort of blinkered way?  IIRC she isn’t actually motivated so much by what she wants as by what she understands her role to be; most of her arc is about breaking away from that and defining her own values outside of ‘doing what I have been taught is necessary’.  Slytherin (like Griffindor) tends to be a very active House, and Vivenna just isn’t active enough for that in the beginning.

Sarene is… I could really see her as either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor but she’s got a TON of Gryffindor traits.  Look at the way she throws herself into conflict when she finds it - she goes up against Hrathen with little hesitation, confronts Iadon multiple times, follows him around until she figures out what he’s doing, etc.  Part of what has made her unappealing to suitors in the past is that she’s actually very bullish and aggressive about things!  And, again, active - she’s not about knowledge for knowledge’s sake, but knowledge for application to other things, and that tips the balance towards Gryffindor.

As for Raoden!  Really I could see him plausibly in everything except Slytherin, but I think he’s got a really strong will and leadership inclinations that make him a good fit for Gryffindor.  (still totes bros with Ravenclaw!Galladon though.)  He’s probably Gryffindor’s resident nerd child, a la Hermione, though.

hmm I’ve been going back and forth on Hufflepuff v Slytherin for Spook but tbh I think he’s a Hufflepuff, despite the Lord Mistborn stuff; it’s not like he ended up there by choice, really, and what he did do was wear himself to pieces trying to protect people/getting manipulated by Ruin.  He could honestly be Gryffindor too, but I don’t think he has personal ambition beyond wanting to belong/be valued.


and… all of your AoL stuff sounds good, except that there’s an argument to be made for Ravenclaw Steris IMO.  Gryffindor works, though.

okay I can accept all your arguments for those guys but

SPOOK IS SLYTHERIN DANG IT HE’S A SNOTTY LITTLE TOERAG WHO WANTS NOTHING MORE THAN TO BE RECOGNIZED BY SOMEONE seriously I’m rereading Mistborn rn and like every time he talks he’s complaining “why am I not famous I was on the crew too c’mon Kelsier noticed me someone else notice me!” or failing at flirting with girls (he’s also the only one I can see as the most heterosexual dudebro all he cares about are boobs if you have boobs he will flirt with you, and he also seems closeminded enough to be put off by people who have boobs but do not identify as female bc he is kinda a piece of ****). Or laughing at poop jokes. That happened too. His greatest ambition is to be noticed, and especially to be famous.

Okay Allrianne can come join the rich kid party in Slytherin fine.

Steris, I feel, is less interested in knowledge and more knows exactly what she wants for herself and everything about herself, and how to manage her quirks, and is going to use all her talents and skills to the advantage of her house. She values nobility, or the accepted norms of it, the most. That’s more puff than ravenclaw, but mostly gryffindor.

Ahh yeah!  I concede Spook; I haven’t read Mistborn in a while and didn’t pay enough attention to him when I did, so I think you have a much clearer grasp of him.

Mmm good points about Steris!  Gryffindor definitely works for her, especially since we really haven’t seen her do much; I like the idea that she has Gryffindor potential and it fits.

Hmm…. did we miss anyone major (other than the short story characters)?

Gaotona, I guess - Ravenclaw seems best for him, and his ideological conflict with Shai representing two attitudes towards knowledge within the House would be cool.

Sarene’s uncle Kiin was Slytherin but nobody talks about it now.  Iadon’s a squib and he probably never went to Hogwarts because of it.  Sadeas was a straight-up-Death-Eater-type Slytherin, as is Ialai.  Amaram was a Slytherin but convinces most people he was Gryffindor. 

Rushu is a Ravenclaw (obvs) with no social skills and totally adorable.  Axies is also Ravenclaw.  Rysn is Gryff, I think?  Szeth never got to go to school.  Eshonai… might be a centaur.  Lift is Gryffindor but makes friends with Gawx (Hufflepuff) mostly because his dorm is near the kitchens.

I agree with pretty much everything here.

-Rock is obviously a hufflepuff

-Moash…I’m thinking slytherin, because the dude is ambitious, and doesn’t particularly care about the means.

-Teft is an older student, or maybe just someone who works in hogsmeade. Probably hufflepuff. He had some bad shit happen with his family. There are rumors that his parents are both in Azkaban, but he doesn’t talk about it.

-Zahel/Vasher would probably fit as a DADA professor who there are tons of rumors about, and he never confirms nor denies anything. Also, he has this weird habit of talking to his wand.

-Lopen is either a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor. Not sure. He lost his arm in some sort of magical-creature related accident, but he’s pretty much the most cheerful person in the whole castle.

-Wit is…Wit. He sits at the staff table, so obviously he must teach something, but no one has any clue what. Mostly he just seems to wander the castle, giving out advice and insults seemingly at random.


destroy the idea that lily is constantly scolding james

destroy the idea that lily is hermione from the 70s

destroy the idea that lily is the polar opposite of james

destroy the idea that lily is “too strong” to cry

destroy the idea that lily is prone to physical or verbal abuse

destroy fanon lily potter 2k14


It would be funny if J.K. Rowling made an announcement that the post-series headmaster of Hogwarts was a slytherin man named Severus Jones who happened to ride the world’s tallest roller coaster 15 times and that was the slytherin headmaster “bravest man I ever knew” Harry named his kid after. 


like omg think about it in the real world

virulently hateful racist teacher known for verbally abusing his students gets beloved and effective hiv+ teacher dismissed from teaching position by revealing his hiv status to the entire school and all parents

tell me your heart doesnt seize out of your chest



My precious babies all growned up and chasing horcruxes and saving the world and shit :’)




My precious babies all growned up and chasing horcruxes and saving the world and shit :’)



The curse was invented by Severus Snape during his time as a student at Hogwarts,[1] in retaliation against his enemies.[2] He recorded it in his N.E.W.T. Potions textbook and used it enough to make Remus Lupin recognise it as one of his signature spells.[3]

he used sectumsempra, whose effect on malfoy was bad enough to scare the shit out of harry, enough times that remus lupin recognised it from their school days like

james did things like pulling down pants and washing mouths out with soap which was not okay, it was immature and childish public humiliation and it was a jerkass thing to do

but snape used spells that could literally permanently scar or even kill you?


it’s 2:09 am and i’m stuck in the middle of nowhere, and all i can think about is bipolar sirius black. bipolar sirius black having manic episodes at hogwarts and cycling through ideas so fast the rest of the marauders can’t keep up. bipolar sirius black talking a million miles a minute without remus’ steadying hand on his shoulder during high periods, and being unable to force himself out of bed during low ones. bipolar sirius black not having a single manic episode while in azkaban, and almost forgetting what it feels like to be so happy, so excited, like that person was someone completely different than the one he is now.

seeing wormtail alive and well with the weasleys triggering a manic episode—finally!—that gives him the strength to escape.


bipolar sirius black



why be a fan of severus snape when you can be a fan of regulus black?

Regulus Black who was noble and zealous and believed with all his heart in a cause. Regulus Black who saw his brother slip away from him, the brother who escaped their mother, while he stayed behind. Regulus Black, who was a Seeker and was kind to Kreacher. 

Regulus Black who lost his convictions because he saw the evil Voldemort was willing to do, and do to a house elf of all things. 

Regulus Black who went into that cave, who drank that potion, knowing what it did. Regulus Black who went there to sabotage the most evil wizard who ever lived. Regulus Black who became a rebel. Regulus Black who ordered Kreacher to safety even as he was dragged beneath the water.

Regulus Black who died without his brother ever knowing what he had done. Regulus Black who died without anyone knowing about his sacrifice. (And can you imagine his mother? Waiting for him to come home, only he never does? Her son never comes home.)

Regulus Black who redeemed himself. Regulus Black who was only 18 years old. 

Why would you like anyone else when you could like Regulus Black? 


okay, most of what i do re: harry potter is criticism, and hp is flawed in such a number of ways, but sometimes i just sit here and

i mean, you all have a comprehension of just how drastically harry potter changed literature, yeah? like. it revitalized it. it blew the literary scene apart. the new york times had to create a separate bestseller’s list for children’s lit just because harry potter existed. harry potter changed reading.

so many people on tumblr were born in the ’90s. when the first book came out, most of us couldn’t read. but we grew up in a world where everyone, everyone, everyone was reading harry potter, no matter how old they were; we grew up in a world where the most popular story in the entire world was a fantasy children’s book.

it’s sort of difficult to grasp, sometimes, the extent to which harry potter is not just a book. the extent to which what is basically a series of fun, interesting, and fairly good novels is such an enormous, enormous part of our lives, a cultural touchstone, a truly universal reference point, something so many people have shaped their lives around, a foundation for all of the stories we would read and watch for the rest of our lives— for so many of us, the first books we ever loved

the extent to which so many of us can’t call ourselves “fans” of harry potter, because it would like being a “fan” of, like, having lungs.

it’s not even about liking it or disliking it. it’s just a part of us.


"Muggleborns in Hogwarts starting a film club and introducing Purebloods to any number of Teen romantic comedies"


What Muggleborns should do is start a film club and make Purebloods watch something that will scare the shit out of them. Make them watch Alien. Silence of the Lambs. Final Destination. Saw.

Show a them marathon of the best of Muggle horror and watch their eyes widen and faces go pale as they realize just how fucked up Muggles are.


look man draco malfoy is a sad nerd baby who has had everything handed to him and has probably never asked a girl out let alone seen a boob
this is the same nerd who wrote weasley is our king and thought potter stinks was brilliant he is a nerd and i’d probably shove him into a locker

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things that are currently really bothering me about the wizarding world in britain

  • the only job opportunities available are small business owner or working for the gov’t??? (i’m assuming healers work for the gov’t because, y’know, britain)
  • this is problematic
  • this is problematic because of the government of the british wizarding world
  • the only school is run by the government; the daily prophet is de facto run by the government; as mentioned above, nearly all jobs are government jobs
  • the wizarding world is not a democracy
  • the judicial branch (wizengamot?) is repeatedly shown to completely lack any kind of innocent-until-proven-guilty mentality, trial by jury of your peers does not exist, dementors are the fucking DEFINITION of cruel and unusual punishment, you have no right to an attorney, it can be presumed that you do not have the right not to incriminate yourself
  • i realize those are all standards of justice that i have quoted from the bill of rights but they are also… standards of justice that have been adopted by most free governments worldwide…
  • how the fuck is the minister of magic chosen, how are government positions acquired, no one is ever shown voting, voting is never discussed, at the beginning of book 6 fudge says the people “wanted” someone tougher i.e. scrimgeour but HOW IS THE MINISTER OF MAGIC CHOSEN??? WE JUST DON’T KNOW
  • harry never takes a civics class (muggle or wizarding), he is never taught about how his own government works
  • the ministry seems to run largely on a good-old-boys network, as exemplified by lucius malfoy, a former fucking death eater, who has extraordinary power and influence in the extraordinarily powerful government
  • voldemort is able to take over the british wizarding government in two years
  • it took hitler and mussolini and stalin decades to get the kind of power voldemort gets in two years while being a known war criminal and terrorist
  • there are clearly absolutely no protections or safeguards on the rights and freedoms of any wizard
  • the wizarding world is a tyranny
  • it is a fucking dystopia
  • what